Prodin | Belledonne mountain range

On this warm period, I took the chance to live in the Alps to camp in the mountains in order to get fresh temperatures. During the day I drove in Grenoble city with my wife and we get around 37 degrees during the afternoon. We were busy during the journey and we headed to the bivouac area quite late from our home. I decided to try Prodin spot, even tho I was pretty sure we were not alone to camp up there. We drove about 40 minutes from our home to reach the spot, including 30 minutes of an easy and smooth path. We arrived few minutes after the sunset and I just had time to capture beautiful colours in the sky before it turned out dark. After the sunset, temperatures dropped to 16 degrees celcius, much chilly than I was thought !

We finaly saw another Duster parked, and we met its owner the next morning, he actually slept in a refuge, so we were absolutely alone here that night and morning. I set up the tent while my wife cooked a delicious soup with rice ; accompanied by tasty beers : a lovely evening.

We woke up at around 7 am and once we opened the window, it was a pure spectacle : I gift of life. We were just us two with this incredible spectacle.

Preparing a decent breakfast with view.
From the off-road tire to trail-running shoes, a punishment is on going...
Perfect way to end our lovely day !

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