Bivouac with elegance

Most people are currently on holiday, I am not one of those, however I have the chance to live and work in the Alps, with many spots nearby my office. That’s how I ended up wearing formal clothes in this bivouac. I needed to slow down and decided to bivouac around my office. I drove only 10 mn to reach this well hidden and quiet spot. Four-wheel drive helped to climb a steep section. This small clearing doesn’t offer any open view, it’s conductive to introspection. I haven’t shot any video, I needed to stop doing things, I just had fun with my camera for a few self-portraits.
Despite the altitude, that journey was hot and my water warmed up in my car and it was still lukwarm couple of hours after the sun was gone. When the darkness replaced the vivid light of the summer, the air get cooler, it was such a pleasure to quit all my clothes, surrounded by firs, and take a shower here, absolutely alone. A strong connection with myself and the surrounded nature. 
Entering in the tent, washed and refreshed by a long-awaited shower is an absolute comfort ; the silence of the mountains and the cool temperatures make this bivouac experience absolutely perfect. This simplicity has something strong, it’s hard to explain this feeling with words, it’s definitely something to experiment by ourselves. 

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