Bivouac above Albertville

In this video, I’m bringing you to a beautiful spot with a clear view on the Belledonne and Bauges mountain ranges. I kept the original sound of the video without added music for a better immersive and relaxing experience. I opened up my roof top tent after parked my car to ventilate it. I then set up my table and my cooking utensils on the nicest place of this spot to enjoy this clear view on the mountains. Along this evening I was the pleasure to be lulled by the birds songs. Evening was a bit chilly and it was pleasant to seat next to a crackling log fire and be observed by the rising moon. Night was super quiet and I slept very well in the tent, as usual. I felt warm in my duvet and I didn’t turned on my heater. Temperatures were around 6 degrees during the night. Daylight cames with the birds song, a joyful spring mood that I appreciate more and more along the years. I haven’t time to explore around as I had something planned in Albertville downtown center at 9 am, but I will camp here one more time for sure. Hoping you will enjoy this 11 minutes long video. Don’t hesitate to give any constructive feedback and see you soon outside !

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