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Laoshan scenic area, Shandong province.

Discover with me the beautiful Laoshan scenic area in the Shandong province, China

This video is a report about Laoshan scenic area and about me. Indeed, I was invited in Laoshan as a jury member for a photography competition organized by Tencent in November 2020. I got two interviews, here is one of them.

It was another very interesting and exciting experience in China for me as well as an excellent opportunity to discover this amazing part of the Shandong province. This area gather rocky mountains, sea, small villages, very kind habitants and fresh sea food. It is located in the south of the Shandong Peninsula, facing the Yellow Sea in the east and south. The mountain ranges of Laoshan cover most of the eastern part of the district. I loved that experience there and I was very well received. One of my greatest experience in China!

I took the train from Beijing and it was like 4 hours. Then I was driven by the organisers. I advise to rent a car if you want to discover this area.

Enjoy the video and the photos. I would love to have your feed back!




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