Solo bivouac with the Mont Blanc

In this video, I’m bringing you with me for a solo bivouac experience near the Mont Blanc, not far from Megève, in the French North Alps.

After the last typical local village with lovely chalets, a few kilometers on a stony track brings to couples of sharp bends before continuing along a precipice on one side and a cliff above the path on the over side. On this section, I unfastened my seat-belt and I kept an eye on the cliff and on the path.

I’ve been to this spot after work the first day (the last day of August), and then just before work the next day (the first day of september), so the time to shoot this video was really tight, especially because I had to shoot myself. For that reason, I’ve prepared my dish one day in advance, so I just had to warm it up.

This spot used to be frequented during the summer holidays, but at the begining of September, you’re more lucky to have the place just for yourself. It was a bit rainy at the end of the afternoon and the temperatures dropped compared to the last past days, so very few chances to have someone else this evening, plus it was week time.

Colours were just amazing, it was a bit cloudy, but there was an unobstructed and stunning view on the Aravis mountain range as well as on the Mont Blanc summit. The sound of cow bells accompanied me during this beautiful bivouac experience.

This my first of video of this genre and I hope you will enjoy this experience as much as I did. Don’t hesitate to share constructive comments.

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