#2 Twenty hours in Turin

Random walk in the city center

Mole Antonelliana
Chiesa del santo volto
Industrial area beside the church
Contemporary residential & office buildings
Gesu' Redentore church

Before heading to the south, we did a last stop in the southern part of Turin and discovered that surprising church. Its aspect is quite brutal with its proportions and angular lines. Its looks quite mystical at the same time, especially from the inside with those small windows with a pointed shapes which bring light by small touches and dematerialize the roof with those numerous openings. Those thin windows remdind the Jesus Christ’s crown.

The church of Gesù Redentore (church of Christ the Redeemer), opened in May 2008, was designed by the Milanese architect Mauro Galantino, winner of the national competition held by the Italian Episcopal Conference to transform religious architecture. The design, conceived between 2001 and 2005, gave life to a building, an example of contemporary Italian minimalism, which can today offer the parish – about 14,000 inhabitants – and the city the largest church in the diocese of Modena.

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