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Wind of freedom in a urban environment

Dreamer in Shanghai downtown.

 Freedom and urban environment might sound like an oxymoron. Nature and megalopolis used to be opposed, but similarities are existing. Natural obstacles (cliffs, big mountains) or artificial ones (buildings)- can be turned into a playground rather than a source of stress. 

 Exploring brings this idea of freedom and unknown, that we generally feel when facing a wild environment; but this can be applied to almost any unknown place (from an individual’s point of view). We can even explore a city we know, as sometimes we just need to change points of view to get a new perspective and rediscover a city. The is the same idea of feeling as when you live in another country : you discover a new culture and then see your own culture from a different perspective. 

Living in big cities can sometimes somewhat oppressing, shifting from the ground level to a hight place, like roofs for instance, offers a sensation of freedom. Street noise fade away, the view is horizontally extended, and we can finally enjoy solitude. That feeling is enhanced by the fact we are actually in a city-center, surrounded by millions of people. There is also this pleasant adrenaline of being in a place where we are not supposed and expected to be. 

This photo series show one or two people in an urban environment, experimenting their moment of freedom. 

Me checking the printed photographies

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