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In Between

When I lived in Tonghzou, suburb of Beijing (East side), I saw from my window ruins that piqued my curiosity, so I naturally went explore this area that I thought it was abandonned. 

Once there, I was surprised to see that actually people live there. About half of the houses have been destroyed and the rubbles are still here. People grow vegetables in kitchen garden, kids play around, recent cars are parked beside little houses, clothes dry out outside,… Basically life is normal in this village in half ruin. 

I find a place to workout and I use to go there for months. I met people and weeks after weeks, habitants used to see me and I got smiles each time I went there. At first it was strange for them to see a foreigner here and they asked me many questions, a typical and friendly curiosity in China.  

One day I decided to bring my camera and started this photos series. I called that series “In Between” cause this small village is between Beijing, and the center of Tongzhou, on one side there is a wide area without construction (at that time). Life in this village is completely unique.

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